I feel so worthless. Who could ever love me?

I don’t like the person I’ve become. Everything I was, I am now the opposite. life has made me bitter. I pretend everything is alright but in reality, I’m a fucking wreck.

Came outside to find my 20 year old kitty playing in the water! Lol #rainbow #socute

first time in her new pool😍😘😭 #cutie #mygirl #soakinupthesun

It doesn’t matter how skinny I get, my body will still be ugly.


Xoxoxo  Trigger warning

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Anonymous asked:
Vegans are disgusting.


Vegan: eats plants, fruits, nuts, seeds.

Nonvegan: eats rotting flesh, someone else’s baby formula, hooves and bones, someone else’s menstrual eggs, and funds the death of baby cows and chicks.

Yeah I can totally see how vegans are the disgusting ones I have seen the light thank u