Blessed Beltane // Happy May Day!!!
Watercolor, in my spring sketchbook. Phoebe Wahl 2014. 
Adorn yourself with flowers! Copulate in the fields! Jump over fires and be merry! 

The thought of what could be is grand. We are not quit who we portray ourselves to be. perception is consequential in a town this empty. Transparent thoughts, you and I both try hard to ignore. Idle words strung together to make imperfect chatter of those who not yet know one another. “Someday” was only a suited word for “never”. Just a couple of dreamers. How far can we make it from here?!


I hear a lot of complaints about skin, and as someone with lots of cystic acne, stretchmarks, and scars, I understand that. Just know that no one’s skin is perfect and we all have our little skin quirks that in my opinion make the skin we live in that much more interesting.

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In the end, your on your own and everyone dies alone.